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Cinfa 3D

Lover of low-poly models, pixel-art and photo retouch. He never studyed anything, he's enough mediocre in everything, and continues studying nothing. He attended at the University of studies of Firenze from 1996 to 2008 (about 11 years wasted). The youngest member of Bottomap Software, chooser of company's name only graphician and partially coder. Lately he worked a bit with PHP and MySQL, appreciates Java and Flash and is a bit attracted and scared by Jquery and javascript in general (the technology of the future!).

Cinfa deisgned the graphical part of 3 CDs byLapo Ciari: SpirAli d'Amore, Ho Deciso and Pinocchio ed il Dragone Azzurro.

Worked on the graphics of "SpiderTrap", a game by Tommy Haaks, listed now on Softpedia!.

Works Ugly galleries

BotoKeeper (graphics)
Botonoid (graphics and coding, using botolib)
Forza Uno (graphics)
La Guerra Esosa (graphics)
Mastro Mente (graphics and coding, using botolib)
Rocciassistant (everything)
Roccio Saver (graphics)
The Bouncy Killer (graphics)
A Cure for The Common Cold (italian translation)
SpiderTrap (graphics)

All the Bottomap ugly site design and contents.


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