1.10 beta

BotoKeeper Screenshot

BotoKeeper should be a Zookeper clone, a bit more difficult, because all the tiles look the same.
The aim of the game is to form rows or columns of at least 3 common elements swapping couple of tiles.
When a row of 3 elements is formed, it vanishes, letting new tiles fall down form the top.

2 different kind of gameplay: Time Attacke and Solitaire.
Time Attack - Each level you have to clear a fixed number of each tile, within a time limit. Every row cleared will give you more time.
Solitaire - No time limits! But always try to have another move, because when there are no more it's game over!

The Screenshot above is from the beta.
No download available yet.


Graphics: 100%
Music&sound effects: 90%
Programming: 99%