Roccio Quest


WARNING: The game contains adult situations and strong dialogues.

Download Roccio Quest Installer 3.35MBRoccio Quest with installerDownload Roccio Quest Installer 3.35MB      Download Roccio Quest without Installer - 3.22MBRoccio Quest without installerDownload Roccio Quest without Installer - 3.22MB
Roccio Quest

Roccio Quest is an adventure made with Adventure Game Studio by Chris Jones.

After coming out of the mall, Roccio finds that his car has been vandalized! His friend, Stephen, stops by and convinces him to go chick chasing at a local night club to take his mind off of it. Arriving at the night club, Roccio finds that he needs a membership card to enter. Darnit! He just spent his last at the mall!

The game interface is on the top of the screen, just move the mouse to the top and it will appear.
You can use the mouse wheel to change the mouse mode (walk/look/interact/etc..)
Keyboard shortcuts:

  • F5 to save a game
  • F7 to load a saved game
  • F9 will restart the game.
  • F12 to save a screenshot
  • Tab to view the inventory
  • Ctrl-Q to quit the game.
  • W walk mode
  • L look mode
  • U use/pick up/interact mode
  • T talk mode
  • I use active inventory item mode
  • SPACE to pause the game (not suggested to use it.. just open the inventory, it's the same)

Thanks to James Bozman for the english translation.

Thanks to Ivan Firsov for the russian translation.

Thanks to Renata Quintana for the spanish translation. (Renata's site)
Fonts for spanish from the Translation site

Thanks to Paul Giaccone for the french translation.

Thanks to Teatro Scribe, our favourite club in Florence!

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Here you can find a Google Map with all game places.

Stephen in game spriteyes, it's the same stephen of: Stephen old sprite

Czech resume

English Walkthrough

French Walkthrough (txt)

Italian Walkthrough


Download Roccio Quest Installer 3.35MB- download Roccio Quest with installer -Download Roccio Quest Installer 3.35MB

Download Roccio Quest without Installer - 3.22MB- download Roccio Quest without installer-Download Roccio Quest without Installer - 3.22MB