Onceapone a time, on Mars... so our incredible adventure starts, letting you drive at ludicrous speed a perfect reproduction of latest Nasa©'s prototype. You hurl yourselfe furiously against the terrible aliens destroying them and not letting them destroy you! Sleepless nights and dislocated wrists in front of this excellent videogame, attacks of photoepilepsy in front of unbelievable special effects that will put to the test most powerful video cards.


Use left/right arrows or mouse to move.
Use left mouse button or space to shoot.
Use +\- to change volume.
Press Esc to return to main menu.


Joystick supported as well!

Click for Screenshots

5 MB

download  Featured at DemoNews

Send us your "HISCORES.DAT". A page hosts all best (and patient) players.

This game has been made using BotoLib.

Infinite levels to play! The level number is a double word!

We want to thank Marco Rhye B. who gave us a lot of songs for our games.