Release 2.4.2

Avi4Bmp is a tool to convert an AVI, an MPG or a GIF to one large PNG (or BMP) 32bit file with all the frames in rows and columns.
Perfect for BlitzBasic© LoadAnimImage()!

Convert a GIF from this: --> --> to this:

But you can do the exact opposite!
Read a grid with an image, and build back an AVI, or separate it in multiple PNG files!

It's not over, the "Convert Back" function allows you to split a big image in tile, saving them as a png sequence.

New feature added in 2.4: now it's possible to save a sub sequence of an AVI. See an example here.

Known limitations: several AVI codecs doesn't support 32bit images, so if you want to build an AVI, remember to reduce the bit depth to 24.

Made by Mandingo and (really really partially) Cinfa

download Avi4Bmp